Polylino Brings the Magic of Storytime to the USA, Canada, and the UK

Scandinavia’s successful multilingual digital picture book service expands to the USA, Canada, and the UK to provide a new educational reading service for early childhood education providers to use with their students.

Stockholm, Sweden, September 1, 2021: ILT Education is delighted to announce the launch of its multilingual digital picture book service, Polylino, in North America and the UK.

Polylino is a digital multilingual picture book service which supports early childhood language and literacy development in classrooms, nurseries and childcare centers. Its vision is to bring the magic of storytime to every child, and is an ideal solution for a blended learning approach in the classroom that suits all children, no matter their learning requirements or home language. Already firmly established as a successful digital teaching service in Sweden, Norway, Finland and Germany, close to 800,000 children have used Polylino and over 20,000,000 books have been read and listened to since its inception.

Upon signing up for Polylino, teachers can access an interactive digital library featuring hundreds of high-quality books from international publishers which their students can read or listen to using a smart device. A unique feature of Polylino is that many of the books are available to listen to in over 60 languages thereby, strengthening the home language of the students, and encouraging inclusivity and multilingualism in the classroom. A Home Access add-on is also available so that education providers can allow their students to access Polylino at home and continue their learning journey with their family.

Commenting on the expansion, ILT Education CEO, Jakob Skogholm, said, “Polylino has been embraced by teachers and students across Scandinavia and many European countries. We are humbled by our growing success and are excited to offer our services to our new markets.”

Dr. Ann Neely, ILT Education’s North American children’s literacy expert, also spoke about the service, saying, “I have been able to personally recommend and curate the books within Polylino with my fellow colleagues. Knowing that ILT Education ensures books are chosen with a thorough process, makes me confident that the service will be beneficial for preschoolers, their teachers, and their parents. I have enjoyed creating an educator guide to accompany the digitized books Polylino provides.”

Commenting on Polylino, ILT Education’s UK children’s literature expert, Jake Hope said,“The books and stories shared in early childhood often make memories that last a lifetime and create positive experiences around books and reading. The launch of Polylino is exciting because it offers a real treasure trove of titles to suit all tastes and subjects, all at the touch of a screen!  The selection includes a huge range of trusted publishers, authors and illustrators, and all are available to be narrated in an array of languages. It is easy to imagine Polylino becoming the go-to resource for educators seeking to stimulate the curiosity and interest of young minds and imaginations.”

If you are a school or a childcare center, sign up for a demo here!

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