About Polylino

A multilingual digital picture book service for preschools

Polylino is a multilingual pedagogical tool for preschool, elementary, and daycare programs, and is used by 1 million children worldwide. With over 700 books in 64 languages, Polylino makes it easy to bring the benefits of early literacy to all children, regardless of the language they speak at home. See what’s included in a subscription and try it for yourself.

We’ve partnered with international publishers to provide diverse and inclusive titles that can be used across smart devices or as a screen-free listening center. At less than $20 per child per year, Polylino is a great tool for Dual Language Learners, ESL & ELL students, Universal Transitional Kindergarten programs, refugee resettlement programs, and more.



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A Polylino subscription includes:

  • Over 700 digital books narrated in 64 audio languages and in 7 text languages
  • Educator guides written by our literary expert from Vanderbilt University
  • Pedagogical content like 25 free storytime activities, lesson plans, and multilingual posters
  • Free access to our fall webinar series led by industry experts
  • Training for your team
  • Polylino can be used across smart devices, on desktop, as a screen-free listening center, and even offline

See Polylino in action

Watch our quick video to take a virtual scroll through our bookshelf, book themes, and 64 languages.


Fast facts: Why choose Polylino?

  • We have hundreds of digital books that are audio-narrated in over 60 languages to support Dual Language Learners, ESL & ELL students, and more. Explore why hearing your home language matters.
  • Host storytime through smart devices or as a screen-free listening center. Additional pedagogical tools and guides make it easy to incorporate Polylino into your curriculum.
  • Use Home Access to provide parents and guardians with access to Polylino and foster family engagement. Read more about Home Access.
  • We partnered with renowned children’s literature expert Dr. Ann Neely to feature high-quality, inclusive and diverse titles.
  • At under $20 per child per year, our always-expanding digital picture book service functions as an affordable pedagogical tool to enhance your existing library.
  • Polylino is already used by over 1 million children worldwide. It was developed over 30 years ago by leading experts in Sweden.

“Polylino brings out the children’s curiosity about language ​​so they develop an understanding of the differences in language from an early age.”

Jenny Thulemark and Åsa Svensson, educators

A note from Dr. Ann Neely

“As an expert on Children’s Literature in North America, I have been able to personally recommend and curate the books within Polylino with my fellow colleagues. Knowing that ILT Education ensures books are chosen with a thorough process, makes me confident that the service will be beneficial for preschoolers, their teachers, and their parents. I have enjoyed creating an educator guide to accompany the digitized books Polylino provides.”

Dr. Ann Neely, Professor Emerita, Vanderbilt University

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