Polylino – A digital picture book service for early childhood education

Multilingualism in your classroom

Many children living in North America today speak a different language from English when they are at home with their families. Many students also have English as a Second Language (ESL), and require extra support when they are learning to read in their schools.


Polylino offers books that are available to be listened to in multiple languages. This allows students who don’t speak English at home, to access books that can develop their language skills. Our services allows students to have an inclusive story time regardless of their language or education needs.


Teaching children with ESL

Research strongly suggests that listening to a book in one’s primary language supports the development of a child’s linguistic understanding and ability. Bilingual books can provide the gateway for a child to develop not only their home language but strengthen their English language as well.

Polylino supports ESL teachings. We encourage children to embrace, not only, the English language, but their primary language as well. Many of our books can be listened to in multiple languages, so a child can read the story in English but listen to it in their home language to follow along during story time. We hope that, with our service, all children can have the same inclusion and equality in the classroom with their peers.

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