Polylino – A digital picture book service for early childhood education

Polylino Home Access

Research shows that reading aloud to children at home and engaging them with the story’s content, strongly supports their language development and understanding.

With Polylino Home Access, children can explore our virtual library with their parents at home. This additional offering allows parents to bring home Polylino and actively engage their children with books that they experience in their classrooms. This encourages children to review difficult content, reread their favorite stories, and explore new books at home.

Looking to have Polylino Home Access for your students?

It is an add-on service that your institution can choose to use. Contact us if you want to hear more.


What is Polylino Home access?

  • An add-on service that allows parents to read Polylino books at home with their children. 
  • Supports the development of children’s reading ability and understanding.
  • Encourages children’s desire to read, and allows them to reread their favorite books at home.
  • Works on iOs and coming soon to Android smart devices (smartphone and tablet).

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