A multilingual digital picture book service for early years settings

Polylino provides nursery practitioners and managers with a multilingual digital library aligned with the EYFS and Key Stage One curriculums which can be used to support language and literacy development in the nursery and at home. 

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Why choose Polylino?


Over 650 books

High-quality books selected by children's literature expert, Jake Hope.


Over 65 languages

An alternative and engaging way to support language development in children who speak English as an Additional Language (EAL).


Inclusive and Accessible

The audio function and digital format is ideally suited to support language development in children with Special Education Needs and/or Disabilities (SEND).


Market - leading

ILT Education is the market-leading provider of multilingual digital teaching services in Sweden – 285 of the 290 regions use one of its services – so we are trusted experts in the field when it comes to effective digital teaching solutions.


Support reading at home

Parents and guardians can access the library of books at home with their children.


Enables different teaching approaches

Polylino can easily be used alongside traditional books.

Polylino Familie

An online reading resource 

Polylino features books to suit all tastes and interests.  Alongside stories, it features non-fiction, rhyming poetic texts and nursery rhymes helping to support the teaching of English in the Early Years and Key Stage One.  There are a range of different styles and genres including funny books, bedtime stories, books about first experiences helping to introduce children to new situations, slightly scary stories, books perfect for sharing, stories that help to promote empathy and much more.

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Polylino Home Access

Continue the learning journey at home

Polylino Home Access allows teachers to involve the parents or guardian in their child’s learning journey by allowing them access to the same digital reading resources they use in the classroom, in their home or when travelling.

Research shows that reading aloud to children at home and engaging them with the story’s content, strongly supports their language development and understanding. By using Polylino at home with their parents or guardian, the child is able to review difficult content, reread their favourite stories, and explore new books in the comfort of their own home.

Discover more about Polylino

Using Polylino as an online reading resource in your nursery or pre-school couldn't be simpler! Find out more about a few of our key benefits.

”Polylino offers a carefully curated library at children’s finger-tips. Early reading helps to stimulate children’s curiosity and interest and provides familiarity with letters and word sounds and language, laying strong foundations for future learning!”


Jake Hope

Chair of the working party for the CILIP Carnegie and Kate Greenaway medals