A digital picture book service for early childhood education

Bring the magic of story time to every child

ILT Education believes that every child has the right to equal education. Our digital multilingual picture book service, Polylino, bridges the gap for language development in classrooms and child care centers. Download the service now for free to explore our solution.


Discover Polylino, our digital picture book service for early childhood education

Polylino supports emergent literacy development in classrooms and daycares. As kids learn to read and write, they need a diverse range of engaging and challenging books at their fingertips. We have partnered with international publishers to provide high quality books to your smart device. Choose from a large virtual library of picture, factual, fiction, and non-fiction books that can be read aloud in English and a growing collection of books read aloud in dozens of different languages.

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Give every child an equal opportunity to learn to read

One of the major goals of every classroom is to give children opportunities to develop and use their language skills. Reading aloud to young children provides them with the ability to learn and process new vocabulary. During times when books are being read aloud, children listen to the rhythm and structure of the written language. When books are carefully chosen, children enjoy the stories that are told as well as the illustrations that go along with the stories.

Polylino gives children the opportunity to read along to their favorite stories in English or in another language. Our service not only encourages children to grow a love for being read to and, eventually, reading on their own, but also supports the development of the child’s imagination and curiosity.

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