A multilingual digital picture book solution

Bring the magic of storytime to every child with Polylino

We believe that every child, regardless of the language they speak at home, deserves access to inclusive and equitable learning.

Polylino, our multilingual digital picture book service, has hundreds of books for young learners narrated in 64 languages, so that all children can experience the benefits of storytime and early literacy.


About Polylino

Polylino is a multilingual digital picture book service for young learners. With hundreds of books narrated in over 60 different languages, Polylino makes it easy and affordable to create an inclusive classroom that celebrates diversity. It supports Dual Language Learners and ESL students by providing home language exposure, which in turn benefits English language development.

Polylino can be used across smart devices or as a screen-free listening center. Our team of experts is always creating new pedagogical resources, including educator guides, storytime activities, and more.

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The research behind Polylino

Nearly one out of every three children in North America have a parent or guardian that speaks a language other than English. Research has shown that when children are exposed to their home language at an early age they strengthen their development of both that language and English.

There are a lot of challenges when it comes to supporting Dual Language Learners and ESL students in an early learning setting, including lack of multilingual staff and affordable tools. With Polylino, educators can facilitate storytime in 64 languages for all learners.

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