Polylino is a service which is currently used in several countries across Europe. The German team met up with Nina F. who works at Ev. Daycare centre in Oberems - a nursery who use the Polylino service in their setting. Here is what Nina had to say.


What factors led to the decision to use Polylino in your institution?

We received information by email and then simply took part.


What has changed in your institution as a result of Polylino?

You can now check what children who speak very little German understand in their native language.


How do you specifically use Polylino in the institution? Can you give us a few practical examples?

Consistently positive.


Why do you think it is so important to reach children in their native language or second language??

Because you have a different approach. It creates more trust and security in their native language. Often the better language in which they understand more.


What added value can digital media create in early childhood education in your opinion?

A lot, because they are increasingly being used in parents' homes than traditional books.


What would be your three top tips for establishing Polylino as effectively as possible in the institution?

  1. One person in the team takes a closer look and takes responsibility - can then explain it to the other educators.
  2. It is sometimes better in a small group than in a large group.
  3. Maybe make it a fixed day so that it doesn't get forgotten.

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