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We know that early education leaders want to keep their staff informed while balancing the many other needs of leading an early education organization. That’s why we’ve developed the ILT Principal Package: a simple and structured way to implement Polylino at your organization.

We provide leaders with periodic updates and materials like videos and How To instructions so that you’ll feel comfortable using Polylino. These resources make it easy to understand what to share with staff and provide the resources needed for training.


What is the Principal’s Package?

Videos, workshops and an exchange of experiences!

The principal’s package helps you, the pedagogical leader, lead your staff in understanding Polylino and the benefits of the service.

The videos are made by our experts at ILT Education and lay the foundation for how everyone can use our services.

A guide is included for the person who holds the workshop. The goal is for all educators to log in and get acquainted with the tools again, while exploring updates and new features!

Our goal is for all staff to go leave with 5-10 practical tips on how Polylino can enhance their learning environment.


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