Accessibility, inclusivity, and equality are critical to the success of each and every classroom and educator.These are some of our top priorities at Polylino so let’s dive in to how our product addresses these needs. 


Polylino is a user-friendly app available for Apple and Android devices. It can be downloaded on your smart device, and projected onto a larger screen. This makes it so all teachers and students can access the materials. Polylino also has a Home Access feature so students can read all of the books from home! Polylino is also suited to support language development for children with special educational needs.

It’s important for all children in the classroom to feel included and equally supported. Students of different backgrounds may not speak English as their first language, and teachers are faced with finding solutions to create an inclusive classroom for all their children. To support teachers, Polylino has books in a variety of categories and reading levels that can be read aloud in 60 languages. It’s amazing to see the joy in a student’s face when they hear their first language being read aloud during story time. Polylino’s multilingual capabilities make it possible for children with different backgrounds to work together and feel included. When using Polylino, story time can be a shared experience in the classroom.

Children in each classroom engage in different ways, learn at different levels, and speak different languages. A young child’s exposure to literature is an important foundation for their reading ability for the rest of their lives. This makes it very important that children are all receiving an equal education in their early years. Polylino books offer many different topics and themes that align with every child’s interests. This ensures each child is engaged and excited to read. This range of topics and themes allows the children to broaden their horizons and awareness of the world around them. In addition, educators can use our books to discuss cultural differences, major life changes, and other special topics and stories. Polylino ensures that each child can learn equally regardless of language or level. 

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